About Us

Vita Ambita is the Coveted Life!

A mixture of contemporary and trendy jewelry.

Here you'll find all the style and the fashion that you need and want. 

When I was a little girl I always loved making beaded and rubber band necklaces and bracelets, mixing colors and beads, making a variety so they could match with my outfits. As I grew older, I started selling my handmade jewelry to my family, and friends, and I knew I had a special talent for it. After moving to the United States, when I was around 13 years old I told my Mom that I wanted to start a serious jewelry business, and after a lot of convincing, our business was born. Brainstorming for names, I knew I wanted something catchy and cool, but also different, so we came up with “Vita Ambita”, which translates from Italian to “coveted life”. Having a set name for my business, and the support of my parents, I started bringing it to life. Any free time I had, I would spend it making and crafting jewelry which would then be posted on our website and social media. Two years later, we are growing followers by the minute and receiving multiple orders a day. With the help of fashion bloggers and social media influencers, we’ve reached a high amount of followers and a lot more recognition. I had a routine everyday, going to school and coming home to my “jewelry corner” to fulfill packages, make more jewelry and share it to our followers. As I got older, and saw my friends looking for jobs, it made me extremely proud that I convinced my mom to let me start this business; I was doing what I loved while gaining well-earned money. However, as I reached my last two years of high school, responsibilities and tasks filled my plate. Even though Vita Ambita was owned by my mom and I, and at first I would do most of the work, when this time reached, we had to split the work and she started helping me more than she already was. Without my mom being there, Vita Ambita wouldn’t be where it is today, it probably wouldn’t even be a thing anymore. By this time, seeing how much our store had grown and the amount of orders we were getting every week, we concluded that it would be smart to transition it into a family business, in which all four member of my family contributed in a small way, whether it is taking the packages to the post office, picking up materials, advertising, or just wearing the jewelry and taking pictures of it. Having Vita Ambita taught me more tools than I imagined it would; it taught me responsibility, trust, consistency, time-management, and most importantly that when you’re doing what you love, it’s always possible to make it happen, no matter the obstacles.